Smoking Meat

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Smoked Country Style Beef Ribs
Pork, Smoked

Smoked Country Style Ribs

Smoked Country Style Ribs are readily available in the supermarket. They are a short cook and a great way to get some quick SmokeyGood-ness. They are not really ribs actually but still very yummy. Country-Style ribs are cut from the sirloin or rib end of the pork loin. The taste […]


Smoker Roasted California Halibut

Halibut is without question my favorite fish. With this Smoker Roasted California Halibut recipe, I am quite sure it will become your favorite as well. In general, fish has a mild flavor but this simple topping will give you amazing flavor in every bite. And to be clear, Alaskan Halibut […]

reverse sear ribeye steak
Beef, Reverse Sear, Smoking Tips

Reverse Sear Ribeye Steak

Nothing better than a reverse sear ribeye steak. It combines the benefits of smoking with the advantages of grilling. Tender and juicy on the inside. A great, smokey char on the outside. So much of cooking a steak is about the challenge of getting it done to your liking. Or […]

Smoked ribs bend test
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Are My Ribs Tender?

Are my ribs tender? This is the question I get from people most often. How can I tell when they are done? My instant-read meat thermometer seems to give me unreliable readings from place to place on the rack. Ribs can be a bit difficult to figure out when it […]

chicken breasts and thighs
Poultry, Smoked

Chicken Breasts and Thighs

Unlike smoking a pork shoulder for 10 hours, smoking chicken breasts and thighs will be a much shorter cook. The combination of these smaller cuts and a lower finishing target internal temperature will make things go fairly quickly. The disadvantage is that these chicken breasts and thighs will not be […]

Smoked Whole Chicken
Comfort Food, Poultry, Smoked

Juicy Smoked Whole Chicken

To achieve a juicy smoked whole chicken, spatchcocking (butterflying) the chicken is a good idea. By removing the backbone and flattening the chicken we create a more even cooking shape. This also allows for easier penetration for the seasoning and smoke during cooking. Cook’s Notes It is not difficult but […]