Smoking Tips

Easy tips for the backyard smoker cook.

reverse sear ribeye steak
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Reverse Sear Ribeye Steak

Nothing better than a reverse sear ribeye steak. It combines the benefits of smoking with the advantages of grilling. Tender and juicy on the inside. A great, smokey char on the outside. So much of cooking a steak is about the challenge of getting it done to your liking. Or […]

Smoked ribs bend test
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Are My Ribs Tender?

Are my ribs tender? This is the question I get from people most often. How can I tell when they are done? My instant-read meat thermometer seems to give me unreliable readings from place to place on the rack. Ribs can be a bit difficult to figure out when it […]

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Smoking Tips

Learn About Rub Options

It is important to learn about rub options for pellet grill cooking. Salt and rubs or seasonings play a huge role in delivering the flavor on your pork ribs, pork butt, beef ribs, and the many other meat cuts you will be smoking. Seasonings or rubs are a very personal […]

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Smoking Tips

Stall and Texas Crutch

Stay calm. It is common during a long cook – like smoking a pork butt or beef brisket – for the internal temperature of the meat to stop rising for a period of time. This is called the “stall”.  Be patient – it will resolve itself. Grab a beer and resist […]

Pork ribs
Smoking Tips

Dry Brining and Why

What is dry brining and why do we do it before smoking most proteins? The simplest answer is to ensure a tender and juicy result. Here we have a spatchcocked chicken coated with Kosher salt ready to go into the refrigerator overnight. For more on smoking this chicken click here. […]

reverse sear lamb rack
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Reverse Sear Lamb Rack

So much of cooking a rack of lamb is about the challenge of getting it done to your liking. Or perhaps to the liking of your loved ones or friends. The reverse sear process will help you hit those targets more easily.Nothing better than a reverse sear lamb rack. It […]