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Pellet grill wood pellets are obviously an important component of the backyard smoker cook’s tool kit. As I started on my journey into the world of smoking I was a bit mystified by the question of which type of wood to use.

So Many Choices…

There were so many choices and so much written on the flavors each type of wood might impart to my food. So I tried them all. Honestly, I found pellet grill wood pellets to be a small variable in the overall outcome of the flavor. Don’t get me wrong, the smoke is what it is all about. I love when the grill first fires up and I catch my first whiff of that smoke wafting over me. That never gets old.

In my opinion, the choice of the rub is, for example, a far bigger decision than the type of wood. The rub will have a much greater impact on the flavor of your food. Having a good instant-read meat thermometer and smoking your food to the right internal temperature will also be more important than choosing oak wood versus a hardwood blend of hickory, maple, and cherry. Mesquite is honestly the only one to watch out for as it is known to be one of the strongest flavors, especially when cooking chicken.

Maybe you will see a bigger difference. I can’t pick which three grapes are in a red wine blend either. So try different wood pellets for yourself and make the choice that is right for you and for what you are cooking.

For now, I have landed on a 50/50 blend of oak and pecan for most of what I cook. A blend is also a popular choice – it takes the guesswork out of your selection.

Here is another opinion that may help you.

Best Pellets to Burn While Grilling


Updated May 13, 2020

It’s never a bad time to enjoy some grilled meats. Heading out to your smoker or grill with a rack of ribs or 12 hamburgers is the epitome of an ideal day for some people. There’s just something special about biting into some delicious meat. Of course, if you want to enhance the flavors, you can season the meat beforehand with either a wet or dry rub. But there are also steps you can take when you’re getting ready to throw it on the grill. That’s by choosing what kind of wood or pellets to burn.

Different woods can burn a certain way and leave a smokiness or hint of flavor in the meat. We’ve highlighted five different pellets to burn while you’re grilling to give you an idea of what is out there for the next barbecue you throw. Let’s take a look and remember that meat grilling should always be enjoyed to the fullest.

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