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Are you considering jumping into the world of smoking? My SmokeyGood journey began back in the days of working for a food company as a marketing guy. The professional chefs I had the privilege to work with turned me on to it. My first foray into this mysterious world of smokey goodness was a failed attempt at adding wood chips into a contraption on a gas grill. Not a good outcome, but it was enough to give me the motivation to go further.

Next came the Weber Smokey Mountain bullet smoker, and for those of you looking for a low-cost entry into backyard smoking, this is a great place to start. Why not jump directly into a pellet smoker, you ask? Isn’t that a bit like starting to drive on an automatic transmission rather than first learning how to drive a stick shift? A low-cost bullet smoker will teach you about the fundamentals of smoking and give you an appreciation for the art of it all. Learning to balance the air intake with the fuel ratio to obtain the perfect target temperature is a challenge to be sure, and hovering over that fire for hours at a time not only provides a great beer-drinking opportunity, but it will also surely take you back to your ancestral roots crouching down over an open fire. You can always move to a pellet smoker later on as I did and save yourself some time.

On a more personal note, I am hopeful you will find the site inspiring and if not at least instructional. I am having a blast smoking my days away here on the central coast of California. I am blessed in many ways with an amazing family, great friends, and neighbors along with an awesome place to cook – my brand new backyard kitchen. And now, when I am not cooking, I want to use my writing skills to give back. Through an organization called Catchafire that brokers the connection of resources to non-profit organizations in need, I have found the perfect fit where I can use my writing skills to help the less fortunate. Visit my Wordsmoke copywriting site for more details.

Thanks for visiting SmokeyGood and remember – this is Smoker Cooking Made Easy.

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