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reverse sear lamb rack
Lamb, Reverse Sear, Smoking Tips

Reverse Sear Lamb Rack


  So much of cooking a rack of lamb is about the challenge of getting it done to your liking. Or perhaps to the liking of your loved ones or […]


Smoker Roasted California Halibut


  Halibut is without question my favorite fish. With this Smoker Roasted California Halibut recipe, I am quite sure it will become your favorite as well. In general, fish has […]

Pan with rack
Smokers Toolkit

Smoking Pan with Rack


  A smoking pan with rack is a must for smoking. Just my opinion. The professionals are putting their meats directly on the grates inside their smokers probably. Maybe they […]

Smoked Country Style Beef Ribs
Pork, Smoked

Smoked Country Style Ribs


  Smoked Country Style Ribs are readily available in the supermarket. They are a short cook and a great way to get some quick SmokeyGood-ness. They are not really ribs […]