remove pork ribs membrane
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Remove Pork Ribs Membrane

If you are really keen, it is a nice touch to remove the pork ribs membrane from the back of the ribs. This membrane blocks the salt and seasoning from penetrating from the back of the rack. Score the skin along the last bone on the rack and grab an exposed corner of the skin using a paper towel and pull. Might take several tries, but you can do it!

Once you remove the pork ribs membrane is removed it is time to go ahead to dry brine and season your ribs.

A good feed of smoked pork ribs must mean that summer has arrived. What could be better than sharing some perfectly smoked ribs and all the trimmings with your friends and family on a hot summer day?

Spare ribs have a unique shape. These ribs can be smoked just as they are of course. But the more common approach is to convert these to St. Louis style ribs. St. Louis ribs are cut from spare ribs as shown here. St. Louis style ribs are the gold standard cut of pork ribs that the professional pitmasters use in competition cooking. This is because of their tenderness and consistent thickness that allows for more even smoking.

Click here for the full video on smoking juicy and tender pork ribs.

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