Smokers Toolkit

Equipment and supplies to help the backyard smoker cook succeed.

Pan with rack
Smokers Toolkit

Smoking Pan with Rack

A smoking pan with rack is a must for smoking. Just my opinion. The professionals are putting their meats directly on the grates inside their smokers probably. Maybe they have someone else around who is cleaning their smoker. Easier Clean Up Or maybe the thinking is that using a pan […]

wood pellets burning
Smokers Toolkit

Pellet Grill Wood Pellets

Pellet grill wood pellets are obviously an important component of the backyard smoker cook’s tool kit. As I started on my journey into the world of smoking I was a bit mystified by the question of which type of wood to use. So Many Choices… There were so many choices […]

grilled meat on charcoal grill
Smokers Toolkit

Introduction to Smokers

This introduction to smokers is by no means an exhaustive story. It is a starting point if you are considering purchasing one. I began my smoking journey using a Weber Smokey Mountain bullet smoker. For those of you looking for a low-cost entry into backyard smoking, this is a great […]

Instant read thermometer
Smokers Toolkit

Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Smoking meat is not about how long it will take. I get this question quite a bit. I appreciate it is important to know the cooking time when your guests are arriving at 4 pm. Here is the issue. There are so many variables involved in establishing a cooking time […]