Smoking Meat

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Bacon Wrapped Jumbo Shrimp
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Bacon-Wrapped Jumbo Shrimp

Your pellet grill not only smokes a beautiful rack of ribs at 250 degrees F, but it also roasts these tasty bacon-wrapped jumbo shrimp at a higher temperature. This recipe works best with the largest shrimp you can find. Cook’s Notes Here we used 16 – 20 count size. This […]

smoked beef black bean chili
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Beef Black Bean Chili

Smoked Beef Black Bean Chili is the perfect side for your next backyard party with friends and family. It is also a perfect way to use your leftover smokey beef like brisket, Tri-Tip, or smoked chuck roast. Great tasting with a chunky texture and colorful visual appeal from the corn, […]

pork ribs
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Tender Smoked Pork Ribs

A good feed of tender smoked pork ribs must mean that summer has arrived. What could be better than sharing some perfectly smoked ribs and all the trimmings with your friends and family on a hot summer day? First, let’s compare the various types of pork ribs. Back ribs, spare […]

Meatballs marinara with pasta
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Smoked Meatballs Marinara Sauce

What could be more Italian than smoked meatballs marinara sauce? A freshly made marinara sauce with lots of garlic flavor, coupled with soft, smokey meatballs.¬†Some would say that a proper Italian meatball recipe should contain ground pork, ground beef, and ground veal. I agree. Cook’s Notes In the interest of […]

Smoked beef ribs
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Tender Smoked Beef Ribs

Big and beefy. Tender smoked beef ribs might just deliver the best beef taste of all. Not to mention how they conjure up dusty images of lean cowboys riding the range heading back to camp for some smokey campfire chow. Now you can smoke these on your own backyard pellet […]

Smoked pulled beef
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Smoked Beef Chuck Roast

Recently, after smoking a beautiful pork butt, to produce some tasty pulled pork, I began to wonder if I could do the same with a less tender cut of beef like a smoked beef chuck roast. Pork butt and the beef chuck roast have one thing in common. Cook’s Notes […]