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Smoked pulled beef
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Smoked Beef Chuck Roast

Recently, after smoking a beautiful pork butt, to produce some tasty pulled pork, I began to wonder if I could do the same with a less tender cut of beef like a smoked beef chuck roast. Pork butt and the beef chuck roast have one thing in common. Cook’s Notes […]

smoked beef short ribs
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Tender Beef Short Ribs

Beef short ribs are a real treat if you are looking for the height of beefy flavor. The key to smoking tender beef short ribs is to cook them low and slow. You can find short ribs like these at your local supermarket, but as you can see some of […]

Pulled pork
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Create Yummy Pulled Pork

Learn how to smoke a pork butt/pork shoulder to create yummy pulled pork. If you are just starting out smoking meat, yummy pulled pork is a great way to begin. In this case, we are using the term pork butt and pork shoulder interchangeably. Both cuts come from the same […]